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Top Quality Internet Marketing Manager

At Monetize My Marketing you will find the most effective search engine optimization, pay per click, and other online marketing strategies available. I believe in providing calculated marketing plans that will serve my clients for years to come. Each client will receive a custom strategy based on their online marketing goals and needs. My team and I will constantly monitor my client’s results and make strategic changes on a monthly basis. We are very proactive in our approach to ensure maximum website exposure. Take a look below to see a brief example of the services I offer…



Achieving top rankings is not an easy task, and in order to do so it is essential to have a broad understanding of the search engines and their algorithms. While gaining high quality links is important, it is also important to gather those links from a wide variety of respected sources.




Pay Per Click advertising, especially in Google Adwords, can be a very effective way to bring in sales to your website. I specialize in building and managing PPC campaigns that provide my clients a high return on investment. While a stand alone pay per click marketing campaign is effective, it is ideal to eventually combine with an aggressive SEO approach. Main keywords (which usually have a high cost per click) should be targeted through SEO, while specific high converting keywords should utilize PPC.



Social media management is an integral part internet marketing. Social media serves the needs of every level of an organization from bringing in new customers to your website, to ensuring maximizing online exposure. Social Media is a direction that every business needs to be moving. Never before has a business had an opportunity to engage directly with their buying customers. One on one customer interaction, customer feedback, and business reputation management is now possible… all because of Social Media.  Make sure that your business has a Social Media Manager that knows how to fully capitalize on all of this profit potential.







If your business already has an in-house Internet Marketing representative, but your online sales are lackluster and the techniques used are outdated, I can help. My coaching program is a two day training session where I will extensively train your employee(s) with my step by step instructions on all of  my proven techniques. They will have an “over the shoulder” view as I set up a new online marketing campaign.  As part of this exclusive coaching package, your chosen employee(s) will gain my knowledge of:

  • The exact process of all of my proven online marketing strategies.
  • How to find the most profitable keyword phrases that your buying customers are using.
  • The process I use to build quality backlinks from authority sites with high Page Ranks (PR).
  • How to analyze your main competition and get inside information on all of their online marketing campaigns.
  • How to see exactly what keywords your competition is bidding on, how much they’re bidding per click, and how much traffic they receive from each keyword they’re bidding on!
  • How to analyze the website strength of the top search results for the keywords you are targeting. This will give you a clear picture on what it will take to get your website onto the first page of Google.
  • The exact marketing software that I use to expedite and automate certain tasks.
  • Step by step instructions on all of my advanced marketing secrets.
  • And much much more…

With the proven techniques and cutting edge marketing strategies that your employee(s) will learn, your business will never again need to search for sales. Through the internet, your business will always be fed a consistent stream of new customers.

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