Monetize My Marketing Reviews


Monetize My Marketing Reviews: “I’ve yet to come across a better moment in business than that moment when a fellow Business Owner calls up ecstatic, because he or she just experienced the 1st sale from their new marketing campaign. That moment is worth more than money itself. That’s why this page here, is personally more important to me than any other page on my site. ” – Julian Rifa

All of these reviews have been directly sent in to us or posted on our Facebook Fan Page. Each and every one of these review was written by a paying customer.


1. Samantha Villanueva

I recently had the pleasure of working with Julian Rifa from Monetizing My Marketing and was treated with the utmost respect. As a business owner, I reached out to Julian to help me with marketing on both Facebook and Google. From the start, he provided me great customer service and explained the process of everything he had planned. All of my questions were answered.

The results? I used MMM for approximately three months. The ENTIRE 3 months, Julian continued to answer all my questions and work diligently to make sure I was having good results. In the three months of use from them, my website traffic raised 200%. YES 200%! I was shocked! Not to mention that my sales literally tripled. After not having much success with another company, i was leery to try this again. This was literally my last shot at saving my business and julian did it. Not only did he SAVE my business, I created enough of an overhead that I will be ok for a while and can STILL buy some new stock for my shop.

I am literally in tears writing this review. This was my absolute last attempt to save my business, my dream, and Julian pulled through. I will absolutely continue to work with Julian Rifa and Monetize My Marketing for ALL my business needs. He and this company truly are a Godsend. Thank you Julian!!!


2. Loren Ellis

You are a rock star Julian! Let’s do more work very soon. It is so great that a vendor actually does what they say they will do! Glad our paths crossed!


3. Alex Pollard Jr.

Thanks again Julian for boosting 315 radio as far as traffic….having the added fans has helped boost our listenership to 25 countries….your help is very effective and again….we  thank you….


4. Jackie Turks

Julian Rifa! I love the work you did for me, I would LOVE to work with you again. You went Above and Beyond, What I expected… Thanks for being a REAL business with Integrity that Actually delivers! Please contact me. Thank you sooooo much! Jackee Turks.


5. Brenden Keyes

This really works, Monetize My Marketing will help grow your page in return it helps your business with Sponsors and Marketing value. I know first hand, thank you for Professional job.


6. Sadie Hawkins:

Monetize My Marketing did wonders for my business. It really help get the word out there and helped get the word about my business across the globe. Since doing business with them my company has grown tremendously!!!! THANK YOU M.M.M. !!!!!!!!!