Link Building

Monetize My Marketing is one of the very best in building high quality inbound links to your website. Finding related one-way links from respected sites is by far the most important thing you can do to move up the search engine rankings. I have an extended network of respected authority sites.  I utilize these sites to help my clients gain the highest quality one-way links that the search engine algorithms love.

While each customer’s situation will be unique, I build a custom link building plan that focuses on building natural links to your website, and I will continue to build links and optimize your website until you reach top rankings for your website’s main money keywords.


At Monetize My Marketing we believe the best approach for long term success is an online marketing strategy that involves a wide variety of SEO techniques.  Focusing on just one link building strategy might benefit your website in the short run, but Google is known for updating their algorithms every 9-12 months or so.  In order to assure that these future updates will not affect your website’s page ranking, I will not just focus on one SEO technique… but all of them.

Link building is certainly a practice that rewards quality over quantity.  In order to rank above your competition your website will need links from other authority websites.  These are called links from good neighborhoods.


I’ve seen this time and time again… website owners that have tried other link building services that offer huge amounts of links at a very low price.  What you get are links from bad neighborhoods that actually end up hurting/penalizing your business website.  There is a limit to the amount of low quality links you can build to your website before you receive the infamous “Google slap.”  If this happens, your website will disappear from the search engines for the specific keyword you were targeting when you purchasing those low quality links.  So just to repeat… quality over quantity!

So what makes Monetize My Marketing different?  I build high quality links to your website from proven authority sites.  The amount of boost that linking to a particular website will give you is called link juice, or link power.  But what determines a high quality link, and therefore a lot of link juice?


The websites we want to gain links from are called authority websites… sites that are already ranking well for the keywords in your industry.  The most popular measuring tool is called Google PageRank, which ranks a website on a 1-10 scale. If you download the Google Toolbar you will get an extension that help you measure a website’s Page Rank.


While many obsess about the Page Rank (PR) rating of a website, it’s definitely not the only factor in determining the overall quality of a link.  There are many websites that rank number one for competitive keywords that have a low PR score.  With a proper strategy and enough high quality links, I can rank a website for just about any keyword by using the proper anchor text.  Anchor text is the actual hyperlinked text used to link back to your website.


Above is just an example of what anchor text looks like.  To maintain a proper SEO strategy it is important to use a multitude of anchor text variations from a variety of sources.  The great thing is that when building high quality links, your website will start to rank for similar words or phrases to the one you are targeting .  This is called the halo effect of link building.


Monetize My Marketing will handle all of this for you.  After time your website will become an authority site in your industry. That will in turn cause your website to be a traffic and revenue magnet for years to come.

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